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Canada & USA
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Now you can watch Afghan TV channels Live. Ariana Afghan TV, Khorasan TV, Noor TV, Aashna TV, Payame Afghan TV. Watch Afghan LIVE TV

Afghan Text Chat Rooms
The New generation of Afghan Text Chat is here. AfghanSite presents the first One on One Video/Voice Chat plus a super fun text chat.  Find friends from all around the world and chat with them and find out more about them.  AfghanSite Text chat is the most Used Afghan Text chat on the internet, plus AfghanSite Text Chat offers lots of cool new features, which includes in chat MP3 player, private chatting with Voice and video if you wish, blocking of private, send cool flash images and much much more. Start Chatting with your Afghans Now
Afghan Voice and Video Chat
Join the most visited Afghan Voice Chat on the internet.  AfghanSite voice chat is been up for over 5 years and we have lots of Afghans loving it and using it.  If you are tired of typing in text chats and want to try something new this is the thing for you, you can send videos take the mic and talk about anything you want.  We also do interviews of Afghan Artists and known Afghan indivisual in our Voice Chat.  Join us today and start making friends.  This is a very clean and moderated Voice Chat.  If you have any question about Afghanistan or Afghan culture it would be a good place to start asking your questions ... Join Afghan Voice Chat

Afghan discussion Forum
This the place to ponder and wonder, when your thoughts defy the other categories. Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words,Your words become your actions,Your actions become your habits,Your habits become your values,Your values become your destiny.
Here you can talk about Afghan Politics, Afghan Fashion, Islam, Literature & Philosophy, Poetry, Sports, Fitness & Nutrition, Music & Cinema and much more .....

Pictures from Afghanistan
One of AfghanSite team member was send out to Afghanistan to bring you the freshest pictures from Kabul, Herat, Qarqa and more are on their way.  Visit our Afghanistan Picture section today and let the past memories be refreshed once again.  You can also email your favorite picture to your email or to a friend.  We will add more pictures by end of Aug from Kabul Afghanistan!
Also check our new improved Afghanistan History section and Afghanistan Leaders section.
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